Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Walking on eggshells

I'm working my shift at the ICU this morning, and as fate would have it JCAHO (pronounced jay-ko) is inspecting the Major Metropolitan Hospital. The hospital actually somehow pays JCAHO to come and visit (and make your life a holy living hell) because getting their accredation allows your hospital to be a provider for Medicare and many major health insurance plans. (Other people know WAY more than I do about this, and that's just fine with me at this point!!)

So, the hospital has been painting, scrubbing, polishing, lighting, moving, decorating, filing, writing, and re-writing. They've tested and drilled employees so we'll know the proper responses should we have the unlikely misfortune of coming under the gaze of one of these inspectors.

We're walking around on eggshells all day - not only is my boss and her boss wandering the hallways, but some of the Big Bosses. Our coffee pot has been taken from the 'kitchen' where we have the patient fridge to the 'breakroom' for some unknown reason. All of the (small) dirty linen hampers that usually sit in the hallway have been placed in the dirty utility room, making it impossible for you to actually get rid of nasty linen without walking it down the hallway.

I never did see an inspector. I don't know what part of the hospital they were in, but everyone acted like they were right there. ICU nurses are alredy stressed out most of the time anyway.

And of course, someone coded while the Bosses were there... AND it was the room directly across from the nurse's station, so there were already people hanging out all over and in the way. It was during the doctor's report time too, so there were like 4 doctors in the room (usually there are none, one would have to be called)

I did a good job, right on the ball and knew exactly what I should do even though the bosses were there, so I'm happy. I just think it's really strange it happened right at that time when there were so many people there to watch us 'perform'. The patient stabilized.

Luckily, the inspectors will be gone before I have to go back to work on Saturday.
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