Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I had to do it !

I had to do it.

I had to start my own blog if only to open up the top of my head and let some of the creamy filling out.

Nursing school hasn't been easy. Although I'm almost finished, I feel like I don't know much more than when I started. I used to feel like I was a somebody. I thought I was good at what I did. Nursing school comes along and takes the "best of the best" (they also like to refer to us "the cream of the crop") out of the big pile of applications (45 students, 271 applications). We heard how good we were and how smart we were and how pleased they were to have us there at the orientation and beginning our "fabulous journey through nursing school". Now I just feel abused.

It isn't the patients or the clinical work we have to do - thats actually the best part. The sucky thing I can't stand are instructors who say "what do you mean you've never done a __(insert name of procedure here)___!". And then proceed to roll their eyes and let out an exasperated huff and do it for you. Others have their favorites -- and if you're not on the list, you might as well quit now.

I can understand why they say that nurses eat their young. I don't think its anything personal, my take is that seeing a nursing student probably reminds them of the torture they went through in nursing school and the flashbacks activate some sort of self-preservation mode. One nurse told me to 'just put up with school, do what you need to do to graduate, and come here and we'll show you how to do things the right way." Great. And after I spent all that money on textbooks....

I'm going to go sleep a bit. I worked this morning after staying up all night to finish a paper. You know how it goes. At least I hope you do.
Posted by HypnoKitten at 5:04 PM

Blogger Third Degree Nurse, at 4:35 AM  

I just started reading your blog. Very nice. I am about to start clinicals in the fall, and yes, I can already see there is a going to be a nasty hazing process, as much intimidation as they can muster up and a pecking order.

I've been told to keep quiet about having 2 prior degrees. "Just shut up and smile" because those who are insecure will make it their mission to put me down and embarrass me.


It's kind of like junior high all over again, isn't it?


Anonymous DreamState, at 10:01 PM  

Hi Hypokitten,

Nursing school is hard, and the tests whew...Im doing okay though. Clinicals in the fall for me as well. I keep pluggin away and hopefully so far Im managing. Keep your spirit up, someone is watchin over us. I still like your blog, Im going to blogroll it, I redid my blogroll again, lot of links went bad. Thanks for stoppin in to see my blog as well, I have a referring pages that enable me to know who came, have a nice day tommorow.

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