Monday, November 29, 2004

The Name

I enjoy reading healthcare-related blogs. I started out with JoHanna's, but I can't find it anymore. Then I found Code Blog, and I enjoy that. I linked to a couple others that she had posted, and I was hooked. Reading stories about patients and situations is really interesting to me because I get a chance to put myself in that place. It's almost like taking another class.

My opinion of the nursing profession has changed drastically since I've been in nursing school. I think I really didn't understand what nurses did. I didn't even know the difference between an LPN (LVN) and an RN when I started into pre-requisites. I just knew I needed a career that would be secure and in demand. I wanted to make a difference and feel good about what I did, while still being able to make a living.

Also, I've always wanted to be a hypnotherapist, but I realise that it's like any small business unless you've got something special, and I think being an RN will help. I've taken some small classes and read tons of books on hypnosis, but haven't been able to afford a program that will make me a confident hypnotherapist. Once I'm out of school and working full-time I'm going to devote some of my funds to that. There are just so many applications for hypnosis - even basic anxiety or pain relief. What can I say, it's hard to type out how I feel about it. I just know it's something I want to be able to use and explore, and nursing will get me one step closer to being able to use the skill. It's a fabulous and exciting field, if you can get over the fact that many people think hypnosis books belong in the occult book section...

Nurses can use a skill called 'guided imagery' which is a simple type of hypnosis. Sort of like those little 'Cliff's Notes' books where you can get the gist of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' in 40 pages.

I'd really like to hear form any nurses using hypnosis or hypnotherapy in their work. Or from hypnotherapists with nursing backgrounds. Or from anyone with a good hypnosis story (not "he made me dance like a showgirl in front of the audience" though!)
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