Friday, November 26, 2004

Not so well.

Well, the turkey cake looked great after I decorated it, but didn't survive the 45 minute drive to my brother's house. The top layer sort of slid off the bottom layer and I had to work on it to get it back together after we arrived. After I stuck in the chocolate feathers you really couldn't tell anything was wrong with it. Good thing I brought extra frosting just in case. If I ever do it again, I'm using a big brownie rather than a cake.

Dinner was nice, everything went well. Everyone loved what I had made. We had a bit of leftover cheesecake to bring home, but I'm not complaining!

I've got work in the morning. I feel like I'm just treading water - I'm so ready to get on with it and use some of my nursing skills. I can't wait to graduate. Not that what I'm doing is all that bad, it's just not really what I wanted to go into nursing to do. I know I'm putting my time in the trenches. I also know how much I'll appreciate my techs when I do become an RN.
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