Saturday, December 04, 2004

Hope it looks good

I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out this HTML thing last night. I put up links to some blogs I really like and some other great sites. "This Land" is a hilarious little animated movie about Bush/Kerry that was (according to CNN) "the most popular political website" during the elections. I think supporters of either party will enjoy it.

CodeBlog is a site devoted to submitted medical stories, and has a following of both nurses and people who are just interested in what goes on in a hospital. The stories are great, and if you havent got a good idea about what nursing is all about, go check out her site. Head Nurse tells personal stories from her day, and her no-nonsense style is sure to make you laugh. Trans-Formations is a male psych nurse from the UK who uses hypnotherapy in his practice. I'm definately going to read all of his archives when I get my winter break.

Veshland and Dr. Charles have humorous medical stories that get you thinking. I've been to other doctor's blogs and some have such a wide range of topics, it's hard for me to find the stories I love. These guys got 'em. Of special note is Iraq:The Model, which is written by two Iraqi brothers (I think one is a dentist, and one a doctor). There are not many medical stories there, but the stories of Iraq and what it's like to live there (and fully support the American troops and the idea of a democratic Iraq) give hope for the future. What these people go through just to drive to work, and how much joy they have at the changes going on is an inspiration to Americans with loved ones over there (IMHO).

The Proxiderm Wound Closure System I came across while researching for a Client Care Sheet for my clinical class. I think my patient (abd c-section incision infection w/mrsa) would have healed a lot sooner if this device had been used. Maybe it's just a biased sales pitch on their part, but it really sems to make a lot of sense for open wounds, particularly pressure ulcers and abd. wounds.

The Nursing Student section has a lot of quizzes. If you're in a med-surg quarter and you've got a test coming up on (for instance) COPD, CHF, ARF I can just about guarantee you that in those links there is a quiz on it. I love to take quizzes because many of them are set up in a multiple choice format (like the NCLEX-RN) and you can get your answers instantly - some even have rationales. I bought 2 NCLEX books so far, but they're not organized into specific disease processes, just systems, so sometimes the online quizzes are a good way to find extra quesitons.

Well, I hope you like my format. If you've got a blog you'd like me to link to, send me a comment and I'll be sure to go check it out. The link for 'blog templates' is where I got the basic template for this one, although I've altered it somewhat.

Our hospital's Christmas Ball is tonight, so I'm going to go get all fancy now. Then I have to decide what 'the man' should wear. His idea of dressing up is a shirt with buttons...
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