Wednesday, December 01, 2004

An Interesting Day

I'm getting more used to working up in CCU - "the unit". Today I felt like I was able to help out and I hope I was useful.

A woman had a sudden onset of bleeding into her stomach. From what I understand she had episodes of bleeding before, but this time it got really bad really fast. I felt really bad for her, it must have been terrifying watching yourself throw up just tons of blood. The nurses just went into action like a commando team and got everything going - IV fluids and blood and plasma, got the doc up there, got respiratory care, etc. I brought towels and washcloths and tried to keep her suctioned. I cleaned up as much blood as I could and measured the amount - there was about 1400ml from the bins and unknown more being soaked up by towels and suction (in about 15 min). A doc came up from the cath lab and they decided to take her down there, so I went along struggling to keep 3 IV poles rolling along at the same speed as the bed (of course, each pole has 5 wheels, and only 3/5 roll worth a crap so I looked like one of those guys at a circus who spins plates on sticks). After she was on the cath table I went to get more blood and plasma from the lab. It was very interesting, and like I said, I felt good about being able to help out at least a bit. In the end, they did stop her bleeding and she was back up in the unit before I went home. I really do admire the nurses I work with.

THEN I went to get a loose filling replaced. The dentist I use doesn't charge for 'laughing gas' and I get it every time. Why not? It's a pretty weird feeling, but certianly calms me down. I wonder why they don't use it in the hospital? It seems like it would be much easier to put in sutures or do a lumbar puncture if a patient could have some. I asked a few nurses when I worked in the ER over the summer, and they didn't know. My tooth looks good and my lip has finally gotten feeling back into it. Finally.

After that I picked up my daughter and headed to the mall to pick up a wedding band for my husband of 3 months. We had a civil ceremony and didn't have rings at the time, but since then I bought one for myself. He told me just to get him a plain gold band, not anything expensive. I ended up with a moderately-priced comfort band from Weisfield's. I'm pretty happy with it. It was reasonable and serves the purpose and doesn't make me feel like a cheapskate.

Yes, I paid for it. Why? Because for the last 3 years he has been working while I was unemployed and spending all of my time in nursing school. He has paid the bills, rent, insurance, you-name-it, and supported my daughter and myself. Over the summer break I started working and he still pays the bills from his account but I buy food/clothing/gas/toilet paper etc. from mine. I figure this is one of those incidental items like... fabric softner.

:) :)

OK enough for now. I've got school in the morning, so I've got to get some rest!
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Blogger Trance, at 2:22 AM  

Hey HypnoKitten... thanks for dropping by my blog.

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Good luck with those exams

Blogger Dr. Charles, at 8:29 AM  

good post - i can picture the commandos sweeping in - nurses really do respond well to the call. re:schools in el salvador - i would actually reccomend you check out antigua, guatemala. i've heard a lot of great things about the spanish schools/hostels there, and they are similarly situated among beautiful volcanos and cheap experiences.

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