Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Sorry I haven't had an entry in a few days. I was hoping there would be a better response to the poll while I was busy, but only about 12 of you did it. The majority would like to see the blogs divided into categories for nurses, student nurses, and pre-reqs. I can do that fairly simply. The other desire was to know who had updated recently - I'll have to get some help for that, but personally, I'd like to see that also. It's really tough to manage to get through that list in a reasonable amount of time - even if I do skip a few I know haven't been updated in a while. I'll do the categories first and work on the rest as I go.

Now, for what I've been doing: I had one interview Friday, Kaplan NCLEX class on Monday and then another interview, and two interviews today! I feel so much better about interviewing now, because they've all been such great experiences. The earlier interview today (for a critical care position) was very positive. She basically told me she had to interview a few more people this week that she had already made appointments for, but that she was going to hire 4 people, and I was at the top of her list. Wow. That made me feel really good. BUT then I had an interview back at the hospital I work at, and she told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted me there and that there was a position for me, and she would very much like to have me. This is pretty incredible for me, because I'm often insecure about my performance and this really bolstered my confidence. Although the position that is in my hospital is med/surg, she said she had already talked to my manager at critical care and they would work it so that I could get a good foundation in med/surg and then be able to go to critical care again (there are no openings in CCU, so thats not an option).

So, I could go with the critical care position in a new hospital, or do med/surg in a place that absolutely loves me, evidently. Geez, she even said that I was "extremely well-recommended" (*blush*) I think I'll do the med/surg because #1)what can it hurt, I'll get paid the same either way #2)I have so many friends and so many people I love to work with there #3)I won't have to deal with the traffic of getting into the core downtown city area, and I already know how to navigate my hospital. #4)I spent 2 years volunteering, one year as a tech, and whats one more year in med/surg? It's all good. #5)the critical care position is nights, and the med/surg is 3p-11p. #6)When I do go to CCU at my hospital, I'll be working with some awesome people.

So anywayz, I'm feeling pretty positive, and everything looks like it's going to work out and be very cool.

I worked both Saturday and Sunday, and it just feels like I've been in a whirlwind since the first interview Friday. I have been logging in here to see if anyone voted (if you haven't voted yet, please do! It's helpful for me to know how you all feel).
Posted by HypnoKitten at 7:34 PM

Anonymous john cowart, at 5:06 AM  

Congratulations on your successful interviews. Those must have made you feel good.

Since I’m merely a writer not a nurse, I did not vote in your poll; but I have recommended your site to friends who are nurses. I hope you will hear from them.

Anonymous geena, at 5:05 PM  

Congrats on such great accolades!

I started in med/surg and NEVER regretted it. I was only there 6 months before transferring to ICU, but it was excellent experience.

And it would have been very difficult to float to a med/surg unit without having the experience. Try going from 2 patients to 5 or 6, when all you've ever known is 2... yee!!

Blogger Nurse Practitioners Save Lives, at 7:06 PM  

I hated med/surg when I was a student and I was told you needed at least a year so you could get a handle on time management. Well... I've been working it ever since. I like the pace, even though sometimes it seems like too much! I would never recommend anyone starting out in a specialty area. You will float sometime in your career and med/surg is a whole new ball of wax going from 2-4 up to 6-8 patients..

Blogger HypnoKitten, at 9:08 PM  

Thanks for the comments! I went ahead and accepted the position in med/surg because of the reasons I listed. It made more sense. :)

Blogger may, at 7:32 AM  

congratulations! and welcome to the med-surg world!

Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:04 AM  

Hello all....cool blog! I have been a Med/Surg nurse for 1 year. I have strong clinical skills but am doing poor at organization to max my time mang. Does anyone have recommendations for a new report sheet...eager to learn !!! adam4eveus@yahoo.com Thanks!

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