Monday, July 11, 2005

The New Shipment Is In

It's that time again - let's crank up the activity at this little pool party!

Home Health Hangout Is (obviously!) a home health nurse. She says she started blogging to keep up with her husband, who evidently spends a few hours a day doing it. Better make room for another computer!

Auryn says you're in for a "bumpy ride" on her blog A Nurse With a Little Bit of Attitude. She posts about all sorts of things. She's a med/surg oncology nurse from Louisiana.

Horses In The Waves is written by a new grad RPN in Canada. Sounds like she's just been hired and is starting orientation.

Terri from Portland is involved (really involved)in lobbying for an office of National Nurse. Her blog, aptly named National Nurse, tells of her travels and adventures getting this whole thing going. Take a look at her blog for more information about this movement. It looks like they're doing well, and it sounds very interesting!

I have wanted to put a link up to Navel Gazing Midwife for a while. Although I don't believe she is a nurse, she does have some great stories. I respect her for what she does, and I'm going to put a link up to her just because I want to. She posts interesting stuff, and keeps her blog updated often. It's a good read.

Ellen's Little Blog describes the daily life of a brand-new 24-year old nurse. She talks a bit about pro-life issues and how it is to be christian and single. In an older post she makes the statement "God designed us to have sex in the context of marriage. Ideally, one should not get married unless you could eek by financially and emotionally having a baby 40 weeks after your vows." People who agree with that statement should enjoy reading her blog.

Shrimplate, noted for posting creative comments to other nurseblogs, finally gets a link here! He's got a great blog with lots of personal, political, and amusing stories. His recent post tells of how he was floated to a spine unit and saw some new things. I followed a link he had up to Dr. Dillin's spine page. This is an amazing interactive site that uses flash animation to explain spinal problems and surgeries. Dr. Dillin is getting a link from me also, down in the 'interesting stuff' category.

DC is from Australia and is a new-grad nurse. She also just started her blog last month but is already sporting a highly fashionable NurseBlogs logo. ;) At Cold Hands, Cold Feet she wonders how she'll dress for work when she starts Monday, but the uniforms won't be there for a month...!

Nurse Tips is a newsblogger who posts the latest health headlines and tips. No stories, but interesting factiods.

And lastly (but certainly not least!) is Walk This Way, A photo-wonderful blog from Joan in Charleston. You've gotta love a lady who starts a post with "I headed into the swamp this morning" as if it's the most natural thing in the world. Her photos make me yearn to walk the Charleston alleys and byways with her. She seems to have friends all over the place and her blog reads like a (well-written) travel brochure. I'm going to adopt her as my cyber-aunt!

SO, to all the new bloggers WELCOME! Lets go out and take a look and make a couple comments and a some new friends.

If you've got a blog that I'm not linked up to, let me know and I'll include you in the next group. Livejournal users will not be able to notify us when they have new posts, because that feature is incompatible with BlogRolling, but I did try and make a little flag for when a blog updates. I haven't seen it work yet, but maybe tomorrow.... I hope.
Posted by HypnoKitten at 7:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:20 PM  

Thanks for adding my NavelgazingMidwife blog!

I thought I should let you know I have another one... 20 Years of Birth Stories ( where I share not only the stories of the births I have attended, but also my own births and, more recently, births of women sending me their unusual birth stories.

I look forward to poking around all these blogs!

Gotta decompress from a long day at Children's Hospital with a client's newborn.

Oh, and nope... not a nurse... "just" a Licensed Midwife.

Thanks so much for reading!

Anonymous Joan, at 4:02 PM  

I am absolutely delighted to be included and proud to be a cyber aunt! Thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:56 PM  

Thanks so much for including my blog. It's a bonanza to just read your page today! So many nurse type blogs, so little time! I have so much fun following the blog trail, some times I forget where I actually started!

Anonymous Ellen, at 5:01 AM  

Thanks for linking to me! I hadn't realized what an extended community of nursing blogs there are out there!

You asked in your comment on my blog about the new job. Making it through school in one piece was indeed a challenge, but I'm so glad I persevered as I do really enjoy my job. I love the little babies! It's amazing to me how much I've grown as a nurse in six short months...of course there is still so much to learn, but it's nice to feel a little like I know what I'm doing now. :)


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