Monday, November 07, 2005

Oh My God - It's Full of Stars!

I suppose by now you all know Kim at Emergiblog. She's finally got a spot over on the sidebar! (yeah, I'm slow sometimes....) ;)

"Genderist", an oncology nurse from Tennessee, has a blog called Haiku of the Id, which was nominated for this month's NurseBlog of the month award. I haven't heard about any CEU's that involve nice steak dinners over here yet! :)

Coffee and Conversation in a Smoky Room (which, because of space constraints I will have to refer to as 'Coffee and Conversation') is written by Jodi, a student nurse. She offers a cool psych analysis of the world of Winnie the Pooh.

The NHS Confessional is written by someone claiming their name to be 'Polly Pharmacy' (gotta love that!) who says they are a 'bog standard' NHS nurse. It's very insightful and a fun read.

Life in the NHS is written by Julie, who lives just North of London. I just love hearing stories from people doing the same job I do, but on the other side of the globe! Doesn't it seem the world gets smaller everyday?

Student Nurse, PRN is an LPN student in California. She's getting quite a bit of experience this week at clinicals!

Millner's Dream is written by a woman who just went to her very first clinical experience today! How exciting, we'll have to hear about how that went. She's a "returning student" like I was (and so many others). She has been a doula though, so at least she's going to have an easy time in mother/baby.

Indigo Soul just finished up her first year as a nurse and is moving on to a new position at a new facility. She is also a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master - her blog is really pretty, too.! She's got a good following of readers and posts frequently. I bet you'll like this.

Pixel RN has a great blog showing the difficulties of working in a harsh unit as a new nurse. Dang, girl, I totally feel your pain.

Another new nurse who's having a hell of a time is Jennerizer at My First Year as a Nurse. My god, the things she and her friend have got to put up with. I know how it is, I'm having a difficult time myself.

PaedsRN's blog Geek Nurse goes into some very good detail about what it's like to work in a pediatric ICU. He's an RN in New Zealand who posts a lot of photos and tells a good tale. I bet it won't be long before everyone's linked up to him! :)

ICU 101 is the account of an RN who is just starting a residency in the ICU. You can hear the emotion involved in a change like that come right out in her posts. It's the same feeling as your first day of nursing school, or your first day at clinical, or your first day as a 'real' RN... it's that beginning time, where a person wonders if they'll ever be good enough. There's just SO MUCH to learn.

Tales of an RN Up North is really interesting. Tara Lee is a flight nurse way up in Cambridge Bay, Nuvunat. DANG it is cold up there. Right now her blog says the temp is -16c! She's got some pics of them de-icing the plane and snow all around. Wow, now thats what I call adventure. She crochets in her spare time, so you readers that love yarn should appreciate that. It must be much more difficult with 30 pounds of warm weather gear on! One of her co-workers, Pat, also has a blog. Pat wrote a fiction novel called Shock Trauma (Link to the book at Amazon) and is a champion Luge racer. Pat's blog is called (fittingly) Shock Trauma. She's just getting started with blogging, but it looks as if her book has quite a following! I'm gonna have to order one.

Meelo writes So Close to Heaven. She's just finishing up nursing school. Fletcher is her exhibitionist candle-sniffing cat. ;)

Ghetto Nursing is a sort of different blog. I think the point of view of being a shiny-new nurse in a ghetto hospital is interesting. Her observations about the us-vs-them mentality of nursing school are spot on too. She doesn't have a profile, so we don't get to know too much about her, and there are no comments, so she won't know she's listed here. Ah well.

Where's My Towel should have had a link a long time ago. My list of things to do is oh-so-long. Ruth is a student nurse in Canada and also a gamer and talks about her passion for Dungeons and Dragons. Comments are off on this one also.

Birdie blogs at A Fledgling Nurse. She's a third-year nursing student from Berkeley California doing her psych rotation now. Psych can be difficult. I also wanted to help everyone - as long as they were the friendly ones.

Creepy Nurse is a guy trying to make it through nursing school. He's either working or volunteering in an ER. Not quite sure.

Comic Nurse doesn't talk much about her nursing life, but she's been doing a good job lately of promoting her art! She has a calendar, and sold several pieces at a recent show. Check it out.

I'm not going to make a permanent link to this because it's so out of date, but Practice Doctorate had an interesting discussion on the Practice Doctorate in Nursing (where nurses could become something like an MD). I don't quite understand it, but thats only because I haven't followed the links and done the reading. It's an interesting idea and I'll probably read it when I get a chance. I wonder how the project is going now?
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Blogger HypnoKitten, at 11:34 PM  

The links to Nurses will take a few hours to show up because of the way Blogrolling does things. The links for student nurses will be put in manually by me shortly (blogrolling doesn't let me divide into categories, so I have to do them myself).

Let me know if I have forgotten to include you - or don't know you yet! ;) Anyone who wants can follow the "Get Your NurseBlogs Logo Here" link to pick up the code for the NurseBlogs logo. You don't have to be linked yet, and it actually helps me find blogs in some cases.

Anonymous PixelRN, at 10:20 AM  

Thanks for the link!
I've added your logo to PixelRN!!!

Blogger genderist, at 5:29 AM  

How exciting! Thanks for the link! I didn't realize I was in the running for a blog of the month thing. Too fun...

Blogger The Platypus, at 7:44 AM  

Hmmm, that link to Ghetto Nurse isn't working.

Blogger Janine, at 9:05 PM  

hypno - thanks for doing such a great job in finding new blogs. I appreciate all the work you are doing!

Anonymous PRN Nurse, at 2:26 PM  

Thanks for the links. I'll be blog hopping, for sure. I also added your nurse blogs logo to my new site. Really cute!

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