Wednesday, January 04, 2006

December Vote

Sorry, I'm running a bit behind here. I've been getting up somewhat earlier than I did when I worked at the hospital, and MUCH earlier than I did for the month and a half that I just lounged around the house unemployed!!! :P

That said, I'm proud to present to you the nominations for December's NurseBlog of the Month:

Becoming a Nurse, who has some really cool video posts on her blog that I have yet to be able to figure out how to accomplish. Geek Nurse, who gives us pictures of the inside of a NZ PICU. The Nurse Practitioner's Place, who stirred up quite a hornet's nest regarding the qualifications and ability of NPs when she commented on a stuffed animal (I'll leave you in some suspense there, because the whole thing was so wild you've got to see it to believe it....). Head Nurse, who took an in-depth look at sexual harrassment and nursing. Haiku of the Id posted this picture I thought was really funny of some very un-politically-correct Christmas decorations - look at your own risk unless you don't mind blood (Wait a sec.. who am I kidding? Go ahead and look!). Third Degree Nurse's husband wrote a super guest-post on her blog about what it's like to be the SONS (Significant Other of a Nursing Student) - well worth a read. Death Maiden wrote a poem and said "I don't want to go to the morgue today". Livin' Large finally met her Dutch Boy!

Now, of course, these aren't the only posts they've made. I just picked ones that I particularly liked. So read up on what they have to say then come back here and vote. You can vote only once, but at that time you can vote for more than one blog - it will even itself out. Since I'm posting this sort of late on the 4th, lets close voting sometime in the evening of the 9th.

Who is December's NurseBlogger of the Month?
Becoming a Nurse
Geek Nurse
Nurse Practitioners Save Lives
Livin' Large
Head Nurse
Haiku of the Id
Third Degree Nurse
Death Maiden


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