Monday, February 13, 2006

What's Going On Here?

I've been "gone" for a little bit because of some changes in my life. Well, actually just one big change. I'm no longer working at the jail and have started a position in psych. Why I'm no longer working at the jail took me about two weeks to get over and I guess I'm just not going to get into that here, which is why I haven't been posting. (I will let you know that although it wasn't something I did, that doesn't help me feel any less like I could have done something differently or that I'm any less of a failure. I'm really hard on myself. Really.)

I feel like I'm in a whirlwind. What happened to my ideas of working in the ED or CCU? I do really enjoy those units, but when I had to look for something new, I called a psych position I interviewed at before I was hired at the jail. It had looked like they were going to offer me a job at the interview, but I ended up taking the jail position first. When I called her up, she remembered me well and asked me to come down to discuss terms (less than the county, but more then the hospital!). I needed the transition to be easy / pain free / worry free and this was it. So now I'm in psych.

For about a year now I've been studying and taking courses in EFT. I know it's still a new therapy/modality/treatment/whatever you like to call it, but go take a look at it. Out of the 20 or so people I've used it on, all of them have been "one minute wonders" - It's amazing! I'm finishing up my level 2 training now and am planning on going to the NY area in May to take a level 3 course. I haven't mentioned it before because I wanted to continue studying, using, and getting a feel for it. You can download information from the website (free!) on how to do it yourself. Please contact me and let me know if you're interested in this. My email is in my profile.

I think I'll enjoy psych. I know I won't be able to use EFT at work without discussing it in depth with the providers and my manager and getting their OK - that's much further down the road. Right now I just want to go to work and get used to it and try to reach that point where I feel confident and comfortable with what I am doing, and I know that may take a while.

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Posted by HypnoKitten at 11:21 AM

Blogger Catepillar RN, at 11:42 PM  

Sorry about whatever happened in your job but at the risk of sounding cliche, perhaps detention was not meant to be for you. Hopefully whatever the lesson is, you will know it sooner than later. May you find many rewards in Psych and may it bring you much more job satisfaction than you imagined. I'll keep checking your blog for updates. Hang in there! =)

Blogger genderist, at 5:34 AM  

Well, honey, I hate that you hit a rough spot in the road! My fingers are crossed for you in your new position -- and cheers to an easy transition...

Blogger The Platypus, at 10:50 AM  

You know what they say: it's all psych. Good luck.

Blogger Kim, at 3:53 PM  

Guess what?

Everything you learn in Psych you will take to any position in nursing.

I loved psych nursing.
Remember, under the psychosis, the neurosis, the odd behavior is a person with needs, just like us.

Sometimes there is just a very fine line between "normal" and "psych".

You will love it.

Blogger Nurse2B, at 6:29 PM  

I'm so sorry things did not work out. I hope you are ok. I know you will do great in psych. Glad to see you posting again. I missed you!

Blogger HypnoKitten, at 11:47 PM  

Catepillar: It might sound cliche, but everyone I know including my 10-year old daughter are saying the same thing. I liked the challenge, but I'm sure I can (and will!) find challenges elsewhere. Thanks for the good thoughts. :)

Genderist: Thanks. Yeah, I hate that too - I really want to settle into something. In my former career I knew I was good at what I did, and I really miss that feeling of confidence and ability. I'll find my place.

Platy: Yeah, isn't that the truth! Thanks for the luck :)

Kim: I liked psych when I did it in clinicals. We had ours at the biggest, baddest facility around - known for having the real 'interesting' cases. How long did you do psych and was it difficult to transition?

Nurse2B: Thanks, I'm glad to be posting again too. I just felt too crummy for a few days to talk or read about nursing. I've got a lot of catching up to do on some of my fave blogs!! I'm back to my old self again.

Everyone: What was I doing when I wasn't posting? I bought myself an RPG computer game and got completely involved. It's called "Sacred" in case anyone else loves fantasy/RPG games - it's really cool and totally engrossing! (It's easy not to focus on your real-world problems while you're fending off hordes of Orcs!!). I'm on to better things this week, like using my last few days off to clean the basement... ;)

Blogger beajerry, at 9:53 AM  

Good luck in psych! I worked in it for 8 years (they say you get burnt after 7 years) and loved most of it.
My favorite patients were the psychotics (like likes like I guess).

EFT? No offense, but I read a few pages of that website and my bullshit detector went off.
A big Hmmmm to that one.

Blogger HypnoKitten, at 6:59 PM  

I know EFT sounds like magic beans, but I downloaded the manual for free and have tried it on several people all with good success. I have never tried to do anything really difficult, mainly smoking or phobias or bad experiences in the past (getting a shot, bad dental experience) and I'm still in contact with these people and the problems just went away - poof! So I dunno - I thought it sounded really crazy, but I've seen it work and I'm not able to explain it. I guess the most I can say is that anyone can download the manual and try it on something for themselves. Maybe it works or doesn't, but it doesn't cost a dime.

Thats another thing about it - so many of these people selling wonder-drugs and supplements are out to make a buck. This guy is giving it away for free. I got a set of the advanced CDs to learn from and they were $60 for about 5CDs and about 13 hours worth of video. Nobody's getting rich off of this. I would like to see some scientific studies done, though. At least then I'll feel there's something backing me up other than my personal experience.

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