Sunday, April 23, 2006

Patient Goals for Today

I went through some paperwork that patients hand in when they request a "level" to be allowed to go out and smoke. This is a direct quote and not something I've edited in any way.
Daily Goals:
make up bed
clean face
read bible
sing praises to the Lord
praise the Lord
go out and smoke
take meds
cast out the devil
eat food
go to classes

Another patient wrote something I thought was surprisingly clever in it's sarcasm (considering the patient). Now, I don't know if I remember it word for word, but it was really close to:
I shower I still stink
I brush my teeth they still hurt
I take my meds nothing changes
I love this place I want to stay forever
It's Paradise
I think by "nothing changes" he was referring to the fact that even after a few requests he still wasn't getting a level to go out and smoke. This was written on a level request form. Getting a level is also dependent on cooperation and going a little while without a behavioral problem such as arguing with other patients or being sexually inappropriate.

It's great to read what patients write because it shows a different side of them. Many of them are quite guarded and paranoid when you speak to them directly.
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