Monday, May 01, 2006

Uganda Begins Testing Nurses

Nurses do National Exam
New Vision Online
Publication date: Monday, 1st May, 2006

By Ronald Kalyango

The first ever national examinations for Nurses and Midwives begin today, the chairperson of the Uganda Midwives Examination Board, Margaret Nyakuni, announced yesterday.

Speaking at her office in Kampala, she cautioned students to avoid malpractices, saying culprits would be stopped from doing the exams.

Nyakuni said the new examination board was established by the Ministry of Education and Sports and they are to conduct the exams twice a year, in May and November.

“This month’s exams are to be done in 24 nursing training institutions but more will come on board as time goes by,� she said.
“I have dispatched a strong team of examiners and coordinators who have been allocated different centres all over the country to ensure that the exercise is successful,� Nyakuni said.

Patrick Byakatonda, the senior education officer in charge of nursing education, said the beginning of the examinations is a milestone in the improvement of nursing and midwifery in Uganda.

The Ministry of Education and Sports supervises nurses? Ack! -HK
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Blogger Margaret Agard, at 10:23 AM  

Margaret says,
I think that is a wonderful idea. Nursing has certainly come a long way from Florence Nightingale's days.I still appreciate what she started.

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