Monday, May 01, 2006

UK Nurses Now Prescribe More

New rules allow nurses to prescribe
Press Association
Monday May 1, 2006 7:03 AM

Nurses and pharmacists will be able to prescribe a wide range of drugs as part of a Government bid to speed up patient treatment.

Under the plan, which caused controversy when it was announced last year, nurses and pharmacists will be able to undertake extra training to prescribe medicines for common illnesses ranging from acne to tonsillitis.

Nurses, some of whom run their own specialist clinics, will also be able to prescribe for long-term conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

Nurses can already prescribe more than 180 prescription only medicines while pharmacists have been able to prescribe in partnership with doctors since 2003.

But now those powers have been widened with the aim of giving patients more choice about where and from whom they get their prescriptions.

Last year, the British Medical Association (BMA) branded the move "irresponsible and dangerous" saying it put patients at risk.

Chairman James Johnson said at the time that it was difficult to see how health workers who were not trained to diagnose disease could safely prescribe appropriate treatment.

But the Department of Health has said the move will take pressure off GPs, allowing them to focus on more complex cases.

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt said the the move was a "major advance" in improving accessibility.

Nurses and pharmacists will be able to take on the new role after successfully finishing a post-graduate prescribing training course. Once trained, they will be required to keep their skills up to date.

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Posted by HypnoKitten at 7:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:18 AM  

That's a really good new !

I thought they could already prescribe X-Rays in ER. But I'm not sure.

In France, we have the same -major- problem than everywhere in weel-developped countries, the lack of doctors.

They told, once, that it could possibly be envisaged to open prescription right to nurses... well, we had a whole medical corpus insurrection !

I hope, one day, we will be ablo to prescribre common treatments. I just hope, I'm not that convinced.

Blogger Nurse Practitioners Save Lives, at 4:50 AM  

If you really want to know how the docs think or at least one I know... go to NHS Blogdoc's site and feel the hatred toward "specialist nurses" or NPs as they are called here in the US.. It's pretty bad..
Cheers from Nurse Practitioner News
P.S. How bout a link to my other site??

Blogger Margaret Agard, at 10:31 AM  

Margaret says,

I trained to be a RN in the UK. I trully appreciate the exposure and standard of nursing that I had.I see no reason why the nurses should not be able to prescribe.

God Bless

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