Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gone Too Long

OMG I KNOW! Please, before you light into me for not posting as often as I should.. or, well, ok... for like 3 years... understand that I actually started working in the real world of nursing. Things just started looking the same... day after day the scene didn't change much and although the stories of interesting first psychotic breaks, manic moods, and overindulgence in various mind-altering substances did begin to pile up, I got LAZY.

I do regret that now. Looking back I am taken right back to that time. "These stories are great!" I think to myself... "why isn't my practice like this?"

Well, it still is. I just got lazy and thought maybe the stories sounded too much alike. Too much pain and heartache with a generous bit of black humor thrown in. Who would want to hear another one? Today I finally got to publishing comments that have languished in my inbox for years. I remember the fun of posting, the self-discovery that went along with being a new nurse. I read the wonderful comments urging me to post more, making me feel like maybe it was worth it.

SO. Here we are again. PedsRN is gone, who knows when the last time I spoke to him was. Not sure what he's doing now, wish him the best of luck. I think I'll post some more. Maybe not a bunch, but enough to keep the ol' Mediblogopathy site up.

Nods and thanks to all the readers who might still have me on their feeds. Surprise! A post! So much has changed, I'll have to fill you in on where I've been and what I've been doing. Should be an interesting read for those of you who knew me back when.

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you're alive!! ;-) -- yayyyy

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