Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I Can Post If I Wanna

I can leave this world behind
Cuz your friends don't post and if they don't post...


Spent the day looking for some sort of work. This part-time-half-assed-per-diem junk is killing me. I've got nowhere near the amount of hours I need to pay the bills. School suffers less the more I work... the stress from working only part time interferes with my ability to concentrate.

BTW I'm going back to school to get my BSN right now. I'll graduate in July (yay!). Hopefully I'll get into the DNP program, we'll have to see what the Powers That Be have in store for me. Cross your fingers.

Working on homework right now, also playing a browser-based game called Evony. Pretty cool. I like it a lot better than TV and there are some nice people on there to chat up.
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